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Londain classics for men of class

Your attendance at various study, work and social occasions is dependent on you being able to present a well-turned-out appearance. And of course, your shoes are an essential part of that attire. Londain provides the ideal choice of shoes to complete a formal or dressy outfit, offering classic designs based on models from the times when men’s fashion was all the rage. Don’t let your footwear let you down at that all-important networking meet. Step out with pride when your stride is encased in a pair of Londains.

Londain – not just for Londoners

With the closeness in name, a search for Londain will no doubt lead you to London-related results, and that is no accident. The brand is closely associated with the feelings of tradition, heritage and class that are irrevocably entwined with the history of that capital. With many years of experience producing the finest shoes from the finest materials and then using them to dress some of most prestigious names in the city, you can rely on Londain to be ideal, discreet, and to offer you just the pair you’re looking for.

Caring for your Londain shoes

Good shoes deserve to have good care taken of them. When it comes to looking after your Londain shoes, you can learn a lot from the principles of shoe care. One of the most important factors is to use a shoehorn every time you put on your shoes. This will protect the delicate backs of the shoes, as well as facilitating the task, so that you can lace up in calm and save time on your way out of the house. Don’t forget to leave your shoes to air when you get back after your day’s work, and always give the shoes a wipe down or brush them over with a soft brush to remove the dirt and dust that may have accumulated there.

Londain online at Footway

Nowadays there’s no need to traipse through the high street looking for shoes. You can simply sit at your desk and send for a pair that will arrive before you know it. Your shoe hunt has never been easier. To make things even easier, we provide a unique filtering system, so that you can choose the type, colour and even the brand of shoes you want without needing to search through long lists of inappropriate shoes.

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