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Marc O'Polo shoes – Swedish innovation, German design

Although this brand was founded in Stockholm in 1967, the headquarters are nowadays based in Germany. The signature style of this brand draws inspiration from the use of natural materials, simplicity of design and the expression of personality through clothing and footwear. Their innovative approach to design has brought them from strength to strength and the quality of design, manufacture and materials is clear to see in each piece. The footwear range at Footway offers possibilities for both men and women and the diversity of models and shades is high.

Marc O'Polo shoes and how to care for them

The high quality natural materials used to make Marc O’Polo shoes demand a little extra care to keep the shoes in good condition. When you first receive the shoes, it’s a good idea to waterproof them using a spray or wipe-on liquid. This will help the shoes to repel moisture and dirt and make it easier to keep them clean. You can wipe or brush most models clean after wearing them, but be sure to keep your shoes away from the radiator. Direct heat can dry out the material of the shoes (especially leather) and cause them to crack.

Style tips for Marc O'Polo shoes

The vision that Marc O’Polo cherish is that everyone should be free to express their personality through their clothing, footwear and other body ornamentation. Whether you would like to present a calm and organised exterior or a free spirit who lives in the moment, you will find plenty of possibilities among the shoes on offer in the Marc O’Polo range. Why not go for something that fits with your current wardrobe? Whether it's in the colour or the general style. You can also take the opposite approach and choose something completely different for the sake of variety.

Marc O'Polo shoes online at Footway

Buying shoes online is very popular nowadays. Although you miss out on the instant gratification, you win when it comes to the huge range that is available on our website. Choosing your shoes might seem like a difficult task with so many options available, but we offer help in the form of our filtering system that allows you to eliminate the wrong size, style and colour. You can also search by brand, so if you are really interested in the Marc O’Polo selection, it will be easy to narrow your viewing to only their range.

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90 results
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