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Gorgeous Marina Ferranti shoes in all sizes

With a range as beautiful as the name, Marina Ferranti shoes are nothing if not eye-catching. Like many Italian brands, great emphasis is placed on the quality of materials and the classic but edgy designs, bringing you a gob-smacking range of modern and well-crafted footwear that will become the envy of your friends and colleagues. Specialising in extra large sizes, the choice of Marina Ferranti shoes is not an easy one. With so many beautiful designs, you may have trouble making your mind up and settling on just one model. An easy solution is to go for two pairs. Or, if your budget doesn’t allow for multiple purchases, you can choose according to what will go well with your favourite outfit.

Tradition and craftsmanship behind Marina Ferranti shoes

The Marina Ferranti brand bears the name of a very prestigious woman. As such, any plus-sized woman who prizes her Marina Ferranti shoes is making a statement to the world, about her independence and attitude, but also about her sense of style and priorities when it comes to artistry and quality of design. Buying good quality shoes is often cheaper in the long run because the shoes last longer and also give you more value in terms of their look and feel.

Marina Ferranti shoes and your style

Whether you need new shoes for work or a special pair for a prestigious occasion, Marina Ferranti has excellent options for you. A range of bright colours is one of the strengths of the brand, but there are also more discreet models available for women who need a more everyday kind of shoe. Why not treat yourself to a beautiful pair of pumps? Or grab those new boots that are perfect for the cooler weather.

Marina Ferranti online at Footway

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4 results
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