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Minna Parikka shoes – amazing Finnish design in footwear

You may be surprised to learn that this fun-filled Finnish brand was dreamed up by a 15-year-old. One day, Minna decided that designing and making shoes was more important than anything else in the world. She moved to London to study footwear design and later also found inspiration in Milan and Barcelona. This eclectic mixture of influences, together with her own creative brilliance has helped to make these fabulous shoes what they are today. Her designs are sold by some of the best fashion retailers including Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and of course Footway!

Keeping your Minna Parikka shoes nice

Caring for shoes is an easy process when you make it part of your routine. We recommend wiping your shoes inside and out after wearing them in order to remove dirt and dust. Later leave the shoes to dry naturally and keep them away from heat sources and sunlight. Before wearing the shoes for the first time you can treat them with a protective agent to prevent moisture and grime from penetrating the material of the shoes. Re-use this treatment periodically throughout the life of the shoes to help keep them protected.

Style tips for Minna Parikka shoes

Part of the attractiveness of shoes is that they can look good even when not being worn. They have natural shape and form, unlike clothes. Minna believes that shoes which are beautiful in their own right can become something truly amazing when a woman steps into them. As well as a couple of inches more height, the right shoes can give you the confidence to face your fears and take that first step towards following your dream. It can also make both men and women take you more seriously. Choose a pair of beautiful Minna Parikka shoes in pastel pink, black or white, and walk tall towards your destiny!

Minna Parikka shoes online at Footway

At Footway we are always ready to help you realise your dreams and we are waiting to send you your chosen shoes. Use our streamlined search function and the convenient filters to narrow down your choice. Then place your order using the easy ordering process. We pride ourselves on our fast delivery, so you may be surprised at how quickly your shoes arrive. If you need any help in choosing or ordering your shoes, just contact us for help. We are happy to lay any concerns you have to rest, and guide you through to getting your new pair of Minna Parikka shoes.

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17 results
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