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Jim Rickey - a Swedish brand for a cool, street look

If you want Swedish design, innovative details and qualitative shoes, Jim Rickey is an excellent choice. This brand offers stylish, sleek sneakers that are just as suitable for an everyday look as for training or when you want to add a street touch to your outfit. Jim Rickey shoes are made of durable materials such as leather and canvas to ensure that they will last through rough activities and long hours of wear. The shoes are very useful with a sporty, yet very stylish appearance.

Jim Rickey, a nice combination of sports and fashion

Jim Rickey was created in 2006 by Henrik Standerth and Patrik Lakso, who both previously worked as salespeople that wanted to go all in on their passion for shoes. This brand is for fashion forward people who appreciate a pair of stylish, classic sneakers that will lift their look and their wardrobe. The designers are inspired by the fashion and sports industry but also gain inspiration from Scandinavian street culture. The brand is innovative and a true favourite among men all over the world, from Europe to Asia to America.

Trendy Jim Rickey sneakers for stylish men

Whether you want a new pair of sneakers for your causal everyday life or something to wear when taking part in outdoor activities and sports, Jim Rickey has great options. The brand listens to its customers and makes sure to provide exactly what people are looking for. You can match the shoes with your most comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt to get that street look or maybe go for a stylish pair of trousers and a shirt for a night out. These shoes can also be combined with work out gear if you are going for a long walk or doing some kind of exercising. Jim Rickey gives you cool, modern styles that will make you look great no matter what.

Purchase Jim Rickey shoes online on Footway

At Footway we provide you with a nice selection of practical Jim Rickey shoes that are perfect for casual and sporty looks. The shoes are made of the best quality and provide a comfortable fit. They are very durable so that you can wear them in any tough situation when you need a pair of reliable shoes. Select your own pair today and they will be with you in a heartbeat. You need a pair of Jim Rickey sneakers in your wardrobe if you want stylish shoes with a great fit that you can wear at anytime.

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53 results
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