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Minnetonka shoes – Moccasins with style and heritage

This American brand is famous for their moccasins and for continuing the heritage of celebrating the beauty of nature and the achievement of the American dream. The company was established in 1946 by Phillip Miller and continues to be family-run, three generations later. Their expert craftsmanship and dedication to both high quality and their own distinctive style has caused the Minnetonka name to spread far and wide both within the United States and in the rest of the world. The simplicity and comfort of moccasins with the panache and history of this prestigious brand behind them. How could you fail to be convinced?

Caring for your quality Minnetonka shoes

Moccasins are usually worn indoors and for easy and quick trips outdoors. As such, they are unlikely to get very dirty. However, if your Minnetonka shoes do pick up some dust or dirt, you can brush them clean using a suede brush. Try not to get them wet as moisture can stain the delicate suede material. Also be sure to let them air out thoroughly after wearing them in order to allow any sweat that collects inside the shoes to evaporate.

Style tips for Minnetonka shoes

With over half a century to perfect their style, Minnetonka shoes have hit on a timeless classic look that you will feel great about wearing this year, next year and in the years to come. The high quality of the suede materials is plain to see, as are the unique decorations on the shoes. The fringes and beading are suggestive of Native American heritage and will therefore go well with casual clothes and a free-spirited lifestyle. The beautiful natural shades will go nicely with most colours, but especially dark and light coloured denim and skirts of all lengths.

Minnetonka shoes online at Footway

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21 results
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