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Missoni – high end Italian fabulousness

Missoni shoes are seriously not to be missed. And we mean that if someone is wearing a pair of these shoes, you cannot miss it! When you browse through the range, two things are immediately obvious. The first is that the shoes are of impeccable quality, and the second is that there is a perfect pair crying out to you to be worn. The Missoni magic is the amazing accessibility despite the luxury profile and high prestige of the brand. Even if you don’t feel that Missoni shoes are within your price range, you can still enjoy the amazing vibrancy and passion that has gone into their creation.

Missoni – an Italian fashion house for the world

The Missoni fashion house was established in 1953. Based in the Italian city of Varese and relatively unknown at first, they soon made a name for themselves with their colourful knitwear and striking patterns. The shoes came later than other items, but are now an important part of the Missoni range, and with good reason. Whether you’re an Italian aficionado or simply on the lookout to a wonderful addition to your designer shoe range, you can bet that Missoni will be an excellent choice.

Missoni style and shoe care

Caring for your shoes becomes all the more imperative once you get into the high-end range of designer shoes. And it would be a crime to let these vibrant colours and patterns get covered up with dust and dirt. Don’t be fooled into thinking that high quality looks after itself. Any moments you spend caring for your shoes will be repaid in full when you preserve their brilliance for future occasions. Wipe down your shoes after wearing them and use a foam cleaner to remove stains from the delicate surface materials. Always let shoes dry thoroughly, but keep them away from direct heat.

Missoni online at Footway

Buying a pair of Missoni shoes is an investment for the future. However, although that sounds very grand, in reality you don’t need to spend more than a few minutes in our online shop to complete the deal. Our online ordering process is streamlined to make it easy for you to complete in record time, leaving all the more time for important stuff, like, say, wearing your amazing new shoes! If you have any questions just drop us a line by phone or email and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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5 results
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