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Montrail – the trail runner’s choice

The Montrail brand is apart of the Columbia Sportswear Company, and offers a range of shoes designed specifically for trail runners. For those not in the know, trail running is the art of running through rough countryside and terrain, often over uneven surfaces and on steep inclines. As a result, your feet and ankles are subject to great shocks and stress, and it’s important to have the right shoes to protect your feet and ankles from sharp and uneven surfaces underfoot, as well as absorbing some of the shocks to your feet and ankles.

The story behind Montrail shoes

Montrail is far from a new brand and has been in the business of providing trail running footwear since the early 80s. With so much experience, it’s not surprising that they caught the eye of the prestigious Columbia company, and the partnership has been mutually beneficial since 2006. When it comes to the shoes themselves, Montrail are proud to combine decades of know-how with leading technologies to bring you the perfect trail running shoes. When you’re trail running, the last thing you want to worry about us your equipment. With Montrail, as you speed through the amazing wild scenery, you can be sure that your feet are in good hands with a pair of these celebrated shoes protecting them.

Taking care of your Montrail shoes

Trail runners encounter all kinds of terrains and weathers. You might experience a whole day on the trail without spotting a cloud in the sky, or the heavens might open, drenching you and your equipment. Either way, you’re going to be sweating a lot, and that’s why it’s important to air your Montrail shoes thoroughly after each run. Stuffing the shoes with paper can be a good way to speed up the drying process, and if you aim to run two days in a row, it might be wise to invest in a second pair to alternate with.

Montrail online at Footway

Ordering shoes is a tiny step in your trail running career, but a rather important one nevertheless. Without shoes, you won’t get far along the trails. At Footway we love the idea of the great outdoors and the people who spend their lives there. Although we spend our days surrounded by shoes, we’re still proud to provide equipment for the people who spend their days running up mountains.

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