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Moon Boot shoes – Walk confidently through the snowy landscape

You wouldn’t expect a warm southern country like Italy to produce the world’s most distinctive snow boots, but the Italian Rabanser family has been managing the Moon Boot company for three generations. They produce these amazing designs from Val Gardena in Italy and the boots are sold around the world, including on Footway. The boots themselves are comfortable to wear and if they couldn’t truly be worn on the moon, they are certainly suitable for cold and snowy climates. Master your moonwalk this winter with a pair of these beauties.

Caring for Moon Boot shoes

The normal care instructions include a recommendation to keep the shoes away from wet and muddy weather. However, these boots are designed to be worn in the harshest conditions and come through with flying colours whether you’re out in the mountains or trekking through an urban environment. Keep the shoes clean by washing off mud and salt when you get home. You can use water and a soft cloth. Waterproof the shoes when you are finished cleaning them and leave them to dry naturally in the open air before storing them.

Style tips for Moon Boot shoes

Moon boots are definitely designed for the outdoors. They are chunky enough to keep feet cosy and warm, whatever the temperature outside. The range offered at Footway has a selection of colours, including plain white, beige and brighter hues such as pink, green and blue. There is no chance that your feet will get lost in the show in these brightly coloured shoes. You will also find it easy to find the shoes in the wardrobe when you want to wear them. Why not style it out with a pair of Moon Boot shoes that match your jacket or your winter scarf?

Moon Boot shoes online at Footway

Moon Boots are certainly some of the chunkiest shoes that we stock at Footway, but their bulk makes no difference to the speed of our delivery. We still aim to deliver the shoes to you within two days of receiving your order (making allowances for postal rates on the weekends). We know that our selection is one of the widest available online, but we still endeavour to keep all of the items advertised in stock so that you never have to wait too long for your shoes to be delivered.

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13 results
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