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Morris shoes – bringing Swedish class to the world

Taking inspiration from quintessential British style, the Morris look is one of high class and polished edges. The Morris way is to take your time to get things right and to follow your passion to create the masterpiece, even if it takes you a while to get there. The Morris philosophy is that there is no need to rush these things. Slow and steady is a better way to create a long-lasting trend, rather than always rushing after the next big fashion fad. When you wear Morris shoes, the fashion enthusiasts come to you. Morris shoes underpin the style of any outfit and ensure that you will have respect and admiration wherever you go.

Morris passion for quality

The Morris brand is based in Stockholm and has been in existence for decades, quietly providing shoe fashion to the upper echelons of society and building a formidable reputation among the stylish upper class in Europe. Inspiration for the name comes from a shop that was located in central Stockholm until the beginning of the 1970s. The shop sold men’s clothes of British origin and the name became synonymous with good quality.

Morris shoe care and style

We don’t blame the Morris crew for capitalising on the associations with the prestigious name. It’s only natural to want your products to be linked with a concept of excellence. When it comes to your personal style, we believe that Morris shoes are of good enough design to be able to blend effortlessly with practically any style or outfit. Why not try it and see? We welcome all reports on the success of that theory. When it comes to shoe care, our top tip is to invest in a shoehorn. It’s a necessary device for any gentleman who wants to put on his shoes elegantly and with aplomb.

Morris online at Footway

The world of online shopping today is not the clunky, pitfall-riddled world of the late 90s. Nowadays you can buy things simply and easily with a few clicks of the mouse. This means that if you develop a craving for top class Swedish footwear in the middle of a Saturday night, you can place your order without delay. Just as a tip, we recommend leaving it for a while if you have been drinking alcohol. We don’t want the sober version of you feeling angry about having ordered the wrong size, now do we?

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2 results
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