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Mustang shoes – for denim and jeans lovers

With a name like Mustang, it’s hard to shake the association with denim and the roaming freedom of the American plains. However, these shoes are placed firmly within an urban context and, while being perfectly matched with denim, are firmly casual in appearance while retaining a high level of quality in design and elegance. At Footway we offer more than 50 Mustang models for men, women and younger fashion enthusiasts. Enhance your denim wardrobe by stocking up on footwear that was created with this iconic material in mind.

Caring for Mustang shoes

The Mustang style is all about being casual. However, that doesn’t mean going around with dirty or badly kept shoes. You can keep your shoes nice right from the beginning by spraying them with a waterproofing agent before you wear them for the first time. This will help to repel both water and dirt and keep the shoes in great condition. If your shoes get wet or dirty, wipe them down when you get home and re-waterproof them while they are still damp. Allow the shoes to dry thoroughly before wearing them again next time and they will be good to go.

Style tips for Mustang shoes

The main concept in this line is denim, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a requirement to wear them with denim. You can also go for other types of casual clothes such as skirts and dresses, shorts, or slacks in various shades. The quality of the designs will stand up to being matched with practically anything that is reasonably well made and fits with a modern, urban image. Wearing a Mustang label on your feet might cause your friend to ask where you got your footwear. In these cases, just be sure to pass on the Footway name.

Mustang shoes online at Footway

We survive through sending out pairs of quality shoes in record quick time. When you order a pair of shoes online you can expect to get them within a few days. At Footway we aim to always ship shoes the same day or the day after we receive your order. That means that the sooner your order your shoes, the sooner we can get to work in sending them to you. Place your order today and you will be united with your new shoes sooner than you think.

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