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Nana shoes – ooze alterative glamour

The nana look is all about expressing your personality, and what an amazing personality it is! If you’re wearing a pair of Nana shoes then the chances are good that people are already talking about you, and making an entrance with a pair of these beauties on your feet is an excellent way of cementing that reputation. What makes Nana shoes so special? Could it be the striking colours? Could it be those towering heels or striking rhinestone details? Or maybe it’s simply the fact that you have finally found a brand that caters to your alternative yet glamorous taste. Enjoy these shoes to the fullest!

The story of Nana fans

Nana have had many years to get good at what they do, which is providing excellent shoes for their adoring fans. And when those fans get together, it’s clear that sparks will fly. Imagine a group of people all wearing these amazing shoes… the possibilities are endless. Meanwhile, the shoes themselves deserve some attention for being high quality and a comfortable fit. That’s right, even those stiletto heels are comfy to wear. Try them and see! But best of all are undoubtedly the wedges. Who doesn’t love a great pair of wedge heels? They are fantastically comfortable, stable to walk in and won’t let you down.

Nana shoes and shoe care tips

The best thing about good quality shoes is that they last you for many nights to come. However, they aren’t so much fun to wear if they are still dirty from the last time you went out and danced the night away. Keep your shoes clean and in good shape by remembering to wipe them down after each night out. It only takes a couple of seconds, and will repay you with interest when you next come to put on your shoes and find them fresh to go.

Nana online at Footway

Shoe shopping online can be tremendous fun when you’re looking for party shoes. The colours and patterns may dazzle you! But rest assured that we have a great system to help you narrow down your choices. First think of a fabulous outfit that you’d like to wear. Next, figure out what colour shoes would best go with that outfit. Finally, filter your Footway search results according to colour. You can easily do this using our handy colour filter. It might take a few tries to find the perfect pair of shoes, but with help from our powerful search function, you’ll be well on the way.

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7 results
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