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New Balance shoes for runners, sports and colour enthusiasts

Nothing helps you achieve your training goals like the confidence of a good pair of running shoes. And nothing lightens up your workout like a cheerful pair of brightly-colour trainers. Feel as if you are running on air with a real spring in your step thanks to a new pair of New Balance shoes. With over 100 years of history behind the brand, they are ever committed to motivating and supporting the inner athlete in all of us. Footway offers more than 100 different models of trainers and running shoes in all conceivable colours and patterns.

Care instructions for New Balance Shoes

Taking care of your New Balance shoes can be simple. If you mainly train indoors then there will be little in the way of dirt to worry about. The biggest concern with all sports shoes is to let them dry out after each workout. Simply leave your shoes in a dry airy environment to let all the sweat and moisture evaporate. For those who train or wear the shoes outdoors, you can use a damp cloth to wipe off dirt and accumulated dust. This is best done as soon as possible to prevent it from becoming ingrained and spoiling the bright appearance of the shoes.

Style tips for New Balance shoes

For many athletes and training enthusiasts, the fit of a shoe is more important than the colour or pattern. However, with so many well-fitting and comfortable varieties, you can afford to pay more attention to colour as well. Why not match your new running shoes to your favourite training outfit? Otherwise, go for a colour you like and use it as an excuse to update your workout wardrobe. Whether you prefer training in shorts, leggings or ¾ lengths, these shoes will look and feel great.

New Balance shoes online at Footway

We at Footway cannot claim to know everything about athletics. However, we DO know a lot about shoes, and we can tell you that New Balance are one of the most popular brands for runners and sports-lovers out there. The distinctive N logo speaks volumes about the quality. We are committed to sending out orders as soon as possible after receiving them, and we also have a super simple and easy-to-understand ordering process. Let us help you to get back in the swing of training, with a new pair of New Balance shoes.

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203 results
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