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NG by Tero Palmroth – for a generation of forward thinkers

The NG in this brand’s name stands for Next Generation, signalling the forward-looking attitude and rebellious nature at the heart of the brand. If you’re into punk music or have a rebellious attitude that simply won’t stay buried, a pair of hot pink or amber coloured boots might be just the way to express yourself. Life is about making statements, and where better to do that than on your own body? Treat your feet like a canvas and cover them in the story of your life.

The story behind NG by Tero Palmroth

The story of NG by Tero Palmroth starts with a young Finnish shoemaker who was born to shoemaker parents. With such a wealth of family talent and experience behind him, it was only a matter of time before Tero started making his own shoes and boots, and in true Next Generation style, his designs were daring and bold. With experience as a racecar driver behind him, Tero has poured his heart and soul into these brilliant creations, and the results are startlingly vivid. Nowadays, the Next Generation collection is available all over Scandinavia and in web stores like Footway outside Scandinavia as well.

NG by Tero Palmroth and your personal style

Many people claim that they would like to add more colour to their lives, but few ever take action and actually buy a pair of colourful shoes. You can be different and show the world you mean business by investing in a pair of these amazing boots from NG by Tero Palmroth. If you’re the kind of person who wears a lot of black, then the effect will be all the more noticeable. Don’t be “that guy in black” any longer. Be “the guy with the amazing shoes”! People will certainly remember you wherever you go.

NG by Tero Palmroth online at Footway

Shopping online can be a joy, and certainly less exhausting than the bricks and mortar variety. Best of all, an online web store can put you into contact with amazing shoes that you might otherwise never have found. Break away from the high street drudgery by going for those unusual and fabulous shoes. Your brilliant personality deserves to be expressed with a truly amazing pair of shoes. Best of all, shopping at Footway is easy, quick and free from all annoying shop assistants. Unless of course, you have a question… In that case, reach out to us and we will help you as soon as we can!

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4 results
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