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OAS Company shoes – beachwear for your feet

The most surprising thing about the espadrilles made by OAS Company is not the high quality or the undeniable summer focus. The most surprising thing is that the company which makes shoes for hot weather originates in one of the world’s coldest countries. The company is based in Sweden and was born in 2010 of a longing for warmer weather. With inspiration from frequent trips to Barcelona, the espadrilles made of canvas and with soles of woven jute rope were born. Their footwear is the perfect pre-holiday buy so if you are preparing for a vacation in a warm climate, don’t hesitate to throw in a pair of OAS Company espadrilles.

Care instructions for OAS Company shoes

These shoes are made of all natural materials, which naturally repel dirt and dust and should never need more than simply brushing away the accumulated dust and ensuring that you always allow them to dry thoroughly after wearing them. Try to avoid getting the shoes wet as the moisture can cause the jute soles of the shoes to break down in a natural process. If the shoes do become wet (you cannot always predict those rain-showers) simply stuff them with paper inside and out to help absorb moisture from inside the shoes and leave them to dry naturally at room temperature.

Style tips for OAS Company shoes

These shoes are the ultimate in summer beach wear. The soles will protect your feet from sand, gravel and the hot pavements as you enjoy life in the tropics. You can wear them with or without socks, but don’t be afraid to let your bare feet come in contact with the kind surface of the woven jute soles. With a range of colours and patterns available at Footway, you can match your espadrilles with your favourite beach wear or even a summer accessory such as a beach bag or sunglasses.

OAS Company shoes online at Footway

These light summer shoes are one of our favourites. However, whether you choose a pair of shoes from OAS Company or from another brand altogether, we will gladly send them out to you without delay. Fast delivery, as well as our huge selection of shoes and smooth shopping experience, are important reasons as to why so many customers choose to keep buying from us.

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27 results
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