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Old Soles - Children's shoes for unsteady feet

The name of the brand may be Old Soles, but the shoes are for the smallest feet. This collection has great shoes for kids who have just learned how to walk, but aren’t too steady on their feet just yet. The shoes will provide excellent support and they are very stylish. However, the brand has not forgotten about the older kids so you will be able to find shoes for the siblings as well. The designs are very cute, the shoes are comfortable and there is a nice selection to choose from for different seasons.

Old Soles shoes - Exactly what the market needed

This company had an interesting start because the founder, Vicky Lever, actually found a hole in the market and she knew that she simply just had to fill it. She realized that there were no stylish shoes for all the small children out there who just learned how to walk and this was not acceptable. She therefore began to sketch and had shortly designed shoes that she thought deserved to be seen on the market. She founded her own brand in January 2008 and today her shoes are worn by children all over the world.

Old Soles shoes – High quality materials

This brand produces all of their shoes in 100 % high quality leather. The material is very soft and incredibly comfortable to wear. There are many different styles to choose from for both children who just learned how to walk and for those who are already runing wild. Some of the shoes have a very sturdy outer sole for the ultimate grip on the road that will make it much easier to walk. There are shoes for warm summer days and several options for the winter when it is starting to get cooler outside. Take your pick among different colours and patterns.

Find Old Soles shoes for your kids online on Footway

Footway has a selection of Old Soles shoes both for the smallest children and for those who have been walking for a while. Pick your favourite pair, add them to the basket, complete the payment process and start counting down the days until the new shoes arrive. You do not need an account to place an order on Footway, but if you want to come back again it is very convenient to get one as this can save you a lot of time when you place your next order. Your information will be saved and you can get through the ordering process even faster. We have many different brands to explore and shoes for the entire family.

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5 results
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