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Twist & Tango - Create your personal style

The Swedish brand Twist & Tango has become very popular thanks to its stylish, yet feminine design. In addition to a wide range of trendy clothes, Twist & Tango offers really nice shoes. Here you can find feminine shoes that feel stylish while maintaining their creativity. It's not hard to create your very own personal style with a pair of Twist & Tango on your feet. That Twist & Tango is a Swedish fashion company is evident with their stylish Scandinavian design. The shoes are made of good material including genuine leather and suede.

Twist & Tango - the start of everything

In the mid 90's the popular brand Twist & Tango was founded. With the vision of creating shoes and clothes in a simple yet modern design, the brand took the market by storm. In order to express a totally personal style, you need garments and shoes that are quite simple, but which together create something unique. Some of the words that describe Twist & Tango are fun, simple and feminine. Aside from the fact that Twist & Tango targets a wide audience - women who love fashion - the company is also striving for sustainable manufacturing, taking environmental and social responsibility into account.

Twist & Tango shoes for all occasions

A great advantage of Twist & Tango shoes is that you can easily create your own individual style. By selecting a pair of stylish and modern shoes from the brand, you can add personal elements in the form of jewelry, clothing and accessories. With us, you can choose from various styles that suit your personal look and taste. The materials that are commonly used in Twist & Tango shoes are genuine leather and suede, materials that age in character and which you can easily care for with water proof spray and shoe brush.

Twist & Tango with us on footway

Are you looking for a pair of stylish and trendy high quality shoes? Then you have found the right place. With us at Footway, you can conveniently shop for new Twist & Tango shoes online. By shopping online you get a clearer overview of the shoes as well as the prices. We have taken several different models from Twist & Tango to help you find a pair that feels just right. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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39 results
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