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Papillio shoes – the healthiest of sandals

The Papillio brand is a part of the Birkenstock company, and as such, has comfort and the health of your feet at the heart of everything they do. All shoes are created with due regard to the physiological needs of your feet and the latest technology and innovation is used to ensure that the correct support and environment is provided to the feet at all times. The Papillio range specialise in various kind of flat sandals for the perfect ventilated footwear for summer. The range is exclusively for women and offers various possibilities in terms of colour and design.

Looking after your Papillio shoes

These sandals are easy to take care of. For the most part, they will need only a cursory wipe down after your wear them to keep them in good condition. It is important to protect the high quality materials in the sandals by not exposing them to heat. This applies to hot water, heat sources such as radiators and the sun. Keep your Papillio shoes away from all of these and you will be blessed with a long and happy relationship with your shoes.

Style tips for Papillio shoes

The double or single straps of these sandals come in a range of colours and patterns. You can choose a pair in your favourite colour, or go for something that will match your favourite summer wear. If you usually wear colours within a certain spectrum, then it’s a great idea to choose your sandals based on that so that they will go with the majority of your clothes. Another option is to dare to be different and choose a brighter or darker colour than you usually would. Adventure is good for the soul, and adventures in fashion can be some of the most satisfying – as you will find when someone congratulates you on your choice of high-quality footwear.

Papillio shoes online at Footway

Buying shoes online has never been as easy or satisfying. With the amazing range of styles, models and brands available in the Footway selection, you have everything you could wish for in an online shoe store. Add that to our fast rates of delivery and our friendly customer service agents and there is almost no reason to go back to shopping in real life. Our simple website and easy to use ordering system will allow you to place your order and then there is nothing to do but wait the short time it will take for your shoes to arrive.

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31 results
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