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Paul Smith shoes – for the exceptional in every day life

Paul Smith is a brand known for its unassuming style, the influence from pop-art and music, and its supreme Britishness. The eponymous founder never dreamed of becoming a famous fashion designer, but when the small store he opened in the Midland town of Nottingham became so successful, he had no choice but to continue to create modern icons of style based on trends and popular culture. Paul Smith shoes are for men and women who want to be noticed even as they effortlessly blend into the urban scenery. Footway offers Paul Smith shoes in various models for men and women.

Taking care of Paul Smith shoes

One of the main mottos of any shoes enthusiast is: when you take good care of your shoes, they take good care of you. You don’t need to spend ages caring for your shoes, but a little effort goes a long way. Clean fabric or leather shoes with a damp cloth but be sure to use only a dry brush on suede. Leave your shoes to air after wearing them so that they don’t get a build-up of moisture and sweat.

Style tips for Paul Smith shoes

Paul Smith shoes are the kind of shoes that are worn by musicians, actors, writers and other celebrities. They are the cool people that everyone wants to copy, and who start the trends. Why not become a trend-setter yourself? You can choose the ideal set of Paul Smith shoes to go with your favourite pair of jeans or even wear them with smart trousers for the ultimate combination of smart and casual. For women, there are killer pairs of heels that will have even the models glaring daggers at you in envy.

Paul Smith shoes online at Footway

The best thing about ordering Paul Smith shoes online is that you can have the advantage of a wider range than most bricks-and-mortar shoe shops offer. Although the brand is large, the range of shoes is relatively small, so many boutiques offer only a few pairs. Solve that problem by shopping online and getting the best pair delivered straight to your door. You can rely on our fast delivery promise to get your chosen pair packed and shipped to you before you even have time to wonder where it is. Simple and convenient – that’s Footway.

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8 results
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