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Peter Kaiser shoes – pure elegance for women

Based in Pirmasens, near the French border in Germany, this shoe company lays claim to the oldest shoe factory in Europe. The brand was established in 1838 by a man who had a dream that stretched beyond his humble beginnings. With over 175 years of success under their belts, it’s no wonder that these shoes remain a constant winner in the field of ladies’ fashion. The secret lies in the superb materials used in manufacture, the fantastic quality of design and the comfort of the fit. Footway offers a range of knockout ankle boots for ladies from this fabulous label.

Caring for Peter Kaiser shoes

When you have quality shoes made of top-class materials, it’s worth showing them a little affection so that they remain in the best possible condition. That way, you never have that sinking feeling when you find your favourite shoes in poor condition before a night out. If you have chosen a pair of suede shoes, brush them carefully to remove accumulated dust and always let them dry out after wearing them. Leather shoes and boots may be wiped with a damp cloth or polished with a conditioning treatment to bring out the shine.

Style tips for Peter Kaiser shoes

The truly eye-catching part of these amazing shoes is the quality of the design. It’s one of those times when you can’t quite put your finger on what it is that makes you keep looking, but the fact remains we can’t drag our eyes away from these beautiful models. Perhaps it’s the intricate details? Or the mesmerising natural tones of the materials? Whatever it is, the fact remains that these are some of the most beautiful shoes in our collection, so just imagine how they will look once you are wearing them! A combination that is truly to die for. ;)

Peter Kaiser shoes online at Footway

We promise that once you have chosen your next pair of killer heels from Footway, we certainly won’t make you die of impatience while waiting for them to arrive. Fast delivery is one of our specialties. Another one of our specialties is offering the best possible service to all customers. This extends from the design of our website, to the amiability of our staff every time you contact us. Just get in touch if there’s anything we can help you with and let us prove just how good we can be.

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