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Pikolinos shoes – shoes with personality

The Pikolinos brand is for people who prefer to live their own life and think independently. These shoes are certainly not lacking in inspiration. Neither is the quality compromised. The Mediterranean influence is clear to see in the light colours and natural tones. There is also a laid-back enjoyment of the finer things in life. Whether you are a man looking for elegance in craftsmanship or a woman who needs heeled or flat shoes with a chic design, the Pikolino range at Footway will accommodate your needs with ease.

How to take care of your Pikolinos shoes

These shoes are of the highest quality, which means that the materials will respond well to being cared for in the right way. You can wipe leather and synthetic shoes clean with a damp cloth and leave them to dry in the open air before storing them. Use a conditioning polish from time to time to treat the leather and keep it supple. If you have chosen suede shoes, it’s best to keep them away from moisture, so when caring for these shoes, only use a dry, soft brush to clean them.

Style tips for Pikolinos shoes

The Pikolinos style will suit many types of outfit and various seasons. You can choose a pair of heeled boots for the perfect complement to a smart dinner outfit, or wedge sandals for that summer touch to your favourite floaty dress. For men, there are boots and moccasins in light and dark colours for holiday and everyday wear. Why not go for a light coloured pair to complement a summer suit or light pair of slacks. You can also wear them with jeans for an uber-comfortable combination.

Pikolinos shoes online at Footway

Our key values revolve around pleasing the customer, having fun and spreading joy in shoes across the world. If you are reading this, the chances are that you have already been converted to the great shoe passion, and we welcome you to our community! Once you have set your heart on the perfect pair of Pikolino shoes, we would like nothing more than to send them to you, so place your order today and let us get down to doing what we do best: keeping our promises of fast delivery and great service, and spreading a love of shoes all over the world.

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9 results
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