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Po-Zu - Comfy vegan shoes

Po-Zu is an award winning shoe brand that combines sumptuous comfort with outstanding ethics for shoes. Using materials such as chrome-free suede, natural latex and eco-microfibre, this is a brand for conscious and environmental-friendly shoe enthusiasts. Why settle with just comfort? Po-Zu makes shoes with comfort and style and the best thing is that you will look absolutely smashing. With unique soles that react to your weight and heat you will have happy feet that can walk a thousand miles without you even noticing.

From clogs to everything

In 2006, Po-Zu was founded in England and the name means "pause" in Japanese. The brand was originally only making clogs, but today they have a big variety of shoes in their assortment. Apart from comfy shoes made in genuine leather, Po-Zu has a specific range of vegan shoes. The brand is conscious about the environment and this is something they take into consideration in the process of making their shoes. This is a brand that takes care of your feet, but also our planet. What better choice than to buy a pair of Po-Zu shoes today.

Taking care of your Po-Zu

As Po-Zu shoes are made with durable materials such as genuine leather, natural latex and eco-microfibres these shoes are made for almost any kind of adventure or weather. With the right kind of care and products, these shoes will last for a very long time. As Po-Zu has a wide variety of shoes you can pick shoes for any weather. For the colder days, a genuine leather boot and for warmer days, a pair of sneakers might be the better choice. The shoes have a comfy fit and technical features that will keep your feet happy throughout the day. These are the perfect shoes for your everyday life.

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