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Polecat shoes – for confidence in the outdoors

The Polecat brand offers superb opportunities to equip both your feet and your mindset for the challenges of the outdoors. Even the toughest roads can seem more accommodating when you have the right equipment, and the right shoes can help you to stand tall against everything that life throws at you. With many years of quality manufacture behind them, Polecat have something to offer men, women and children. Check out the Footway range to find gems suitable for your upcoming adventures.

Caring for Polecat shoes

These shoes can handle anything that is thrown at them, whether it’s bad weather, muddy roads or the longest of hikes. However, they will last even longer if you show them a little consideration. Help yourself out from the start by waterproofing them thoroughly before the first use. This will protect the surface against dirt and moisture and make it easier for you to keep the shoes clean. Always allow the shoes to dry naturally after wearing them and they will be ready for you whenever you feel the call of the outdoors.

Style tips for Polecat shoes

Nothing puts you in the mood for hiking more than putting on a pair of rugged, high-quality, weatherproof shoes or boots. The Polecat range is therefore your best friend when it comes to preparing for that upcoming hike. Whether you are the kind to hike solo or if you go with a group of friends, the situation is the same. With these steadfast companions on your feet, you will never be alone. Although there is not much choice in the way of colour, some models have pink details, which could be matched to your raincoat or another accessory.

Polecat shoes online at Footway

At Footway, we are great fans of the great outdoors. That’s why we have such a good range of brands which are suited for hiking and wandering in the toughest conditions. However, the very best part in our minds is the moment when you click the final button to send us an order for hiking boots. This enables us to go on our very own hike through the warehouse to retrieve your chosen shoes and we send them to you with love. Whatever your choice, we promise to ship them to you quickly and with the same great service that we offer all of our customers.

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137 results
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