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Reima – great shoes for little feet

Come rain, snow or sunshine, Reima have the perfect shoes for your sons and daughters. In Footway’s range, you will find sandals, sneakers, shoes, wellies and warm winter boots to carry your child through every season and any weather of the year. Reima designs and manufactures footwear and clothes for all those exciting things you can do outdoors, any time of the year, so you can be sure that shoes from this brand are sturdy, hard-wearing and give great support to your child’s feet when they are off exploring the world, jumping in water puddles, climbing trees or running in the park with your dog.

Reima – quality footwear from Finland

The original company was founded back in 1944, during World War II, when they manufactured clothes from recycled material. In 1950, the business took off and under the new name Reima. The company started to develop hard-wearing material for children’s wear and over the decades, the company has become very popular in Finland as well as internationally. In 2016, the company launched innovative wearable technology for kids in collaboration with the renowned tech company Sunto, and now the Finnish children’s brand is more popular than ever. As expected, Reima shoes are very comfortable to wear and of the very best quality – happy kids, happy parents!

Caring for your Reima shoes

Reima shoes are made in very durable materials and they are designed to withstand any kind of weather – sunshine, rain and snow, and all the activities your child is up to. As a matter of fact, the wetter and colder, the happier you will be that you chose Reima for your child. Although the shoes are engineered to survive even the muddiest puddles, they benefit from a coat of protective spray to repel dirt and water even better. If the shoes are muddy, wait for them to dry and then remove the dirt with a shoe brush or wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Reima shoes online on Footway

We know how hard it is to go shoe-shopping with your child and then have them to try on a couple of shoes before you find a pair your child likes. When you buy your kid’s shoes online from Footway, you can to it whenever it suits you, even when your child is sleeping – we are open 24/7, every day of the year. At Footway, you find a good selection with some of Reima’s best-selling shoes for kids at very competitive prices. Do what many parents before you have done: avoid the stress of buying shoes for your child by ordering them online from Footway.

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