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Salming shoes – unique Sami heritage in fantastic sports shoes

Salming is an iconic brand which revolves around the story of Börje Salming, the Swedish ice-hockey player. His heritage stretches back to Sweden’s indigenous Sami tribes and plays a part in inspiring the great designs and general feeling behind the Salming brand. The shoes exude a dedication to sports and a determination to be the best, to combat all environments and to survive and conquer all challenges faced. The designs are study and the colours simply beg to be worn. With a bright spectrum and some amazing combinations, these are definitely not the kind of shoes that you forget about in the back of your wardrobe.

Care instructions for Salming shoes

Every ice-hockey player knows that you have to look after your equipment in order to get the best out of it. The same goes for your shoes. Always let your Salming shoes dry out after wearing them, whether you have been training indoors or outdoors. Sweat and moisture can damage the high-quality materials if it is allowed to build up, so beat those problems before they even start by letting your shoes stand for a few hours to dry out before storing them.

Style tips for Salming shoes

Creating a work-out style is more about what feels comfortable and helps you to reach your goals, than about the look. However, with Salming shoes you can also take advantage of the great appearance of these shoes and match the unique colour combinations with your workout gear or other sporting accessories. With a pair of reliable shoes on your feet you are creating the best possible conditions to beat that record or achieve that goal. Make sure that you never have to worry about your footwear letting you down with Salming shoes.

Salming shoes online at Footway

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14 results
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