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Salomon shoes for sports and everyday adventures

A French brand that later became part of the Adidas group, Salomon shoes cater to runners, hikers, sports players and people in search of comfortable, high-quality shoes. At Footway we offer over 150 Salomon models so there is ample choice in terms of the style and colour you are looking for. Many of the Salomon models are brightly coloured. This, together with the sturdy construction will ensure that your feet are protected during even the toughest hikes and runs. The pattern of triangular panels along the side are characteristic of the brand and often provide the foundation for the pattern or contrasting colours of the shoes.

Care instructions for Salomon shoes

You should take care of all pairs of shoes, but this is especially important when you are going to be using the shoes for sports or running. Aside from wiping the shoes clean after your outdoor training sessions, the most important tip is to allow the shoes to air dry after wearing them. Keep them away from sources of direct heat as these can cause the materials to split and crack. Enjoy your shoes for longer by taking care of them today!

Style tips for Salomon shoes

There are many bright colours available in the Salomon range, which are ideal for matching with the modern trend for brightly coloured workout clothes. You can be sure that there will be a pair in the right shade or pattern to match your gear. If you are not a fan of colours, you can simply go for a plain white or black pair – although the stylish Salomon design shines through even with the plainer numbers. Your feet will be comfortable all day long in these beautifully designed, comfortable and colourful trainers.

Salomon shoes online at Footway

Buying shoes online used to be a case of pot luck, but we are all fortunate that this isn’t the case any longer. Aside from the huge selection that we offer here at Footway, nothing beats the convenience of shopping online where you can browse through hundreds of pairs of shoes at any time of the day or night without ever having to walk a step. Once you have found the perfect pair of Salomon shoes then it’s time to place your order, but don’t worry, the process is very simple and you will get your shoes before you have even had time to wonder how long the delivery will take.

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292 results
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