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SAND - a brand of passion and innovation

SAND is a Danish brand with timeless designs and qualitative materials. The collections have a mix of Italian and Scandinavian influences and excellent craftsmanship. This brand is all about passion, innovation and clean lines. SAND products are very popular and appreciated because of all the beautiful, elaborate details and elegant designs. Many models are perfect all-round shoes that can be worn at different occasions with casual, fun or more business like outfits. The collections are very neat and consistent so you always know what you will get when buying a product from SAND.

SAND, inspired by southern Europe and Scandinavian design

The two founders of the brand, Lene and Soren Sand, met when they were in high school and together they opened up a small shop in their hometown of Randers, Denmark, in 1981. Today it is a successful international brand which is available in 32 countries with 1200 retailers. SAND combines southern European vibes with clean Scandinavian styles and creates clothes and shoes for anyone looking for fashionable, elegant options. Well-known names such as Bryan Adams and Paris Hilton have been seen wearing pieces designed by SAND. The brand has also collaborated with the legendary photographer Helmut Newton and created amazing ad campaigns.

A combination of classic and modern with shoes from SAND

SAND has a clear vision which is to maintain a good balance between traditional, sophisticated styles and unexpected, fun twists. The shoe collections mainly consist of leather and other natural materials. The colours that are used are mostly subdued colours that are useful and easy to match. The shoes are perfect for formal settings such as business meetings, dinners, parties or other events. You can of course also wear them with a basic outfit if you want an overall more proper look. With a pair of shoes from SAND, you can easily put together a classic, elegant look with modern touches.

Complete your look with SAND shoes online on Footway

SAND is one of many brands that can be found on Footway’s website. We have range of options so that you can pick out the perfect shoes for any occasion whether you are going to a formal event or a casual picnic in the park. Take your time and look around the website to see if you can find exactly what you are looking for. You can even filter your searches in order to limit your options and only browse through the exact colours, styles or brands that you like. Welcome to Footway!

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