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Sanita Clogs – high quality clogs from Denmark

Sanita is a Danish footwear brand with a difference: they focus on designing and manufacturing clogs for women. At Footway, you find Sanita Clogs shoes in many different styles, from monocoloured and clean to floral patterns and beautiful colours. Sanita has succeeded in combining the traditional clogs with a contemporary design to suit today’s women perfectly. When you browse our range of Sanita Clogs shoes you will see that this brand goes its own way whilst inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Caring for your clogs

Sanita Clogs are experts at making clogs, there’s no doubt about that. Their soles are made from wood and some rubber, but the material in the upper varies. In our online store, you find Sanita Clogs shoes with uppers in suede, leather, textile and more. What kind of shoe care your clogs require depends on the material. Textile can usually be cleaned with a damp cloth and soapy water. Leather and suede shoes require special shoe care products and brushes. You can also brush suede shoes over boiling water. The steam opens up the fibres and you’ll be able to brush off dirt as well as give them a refreshed look. All shoes benefit from a breather – don’t wear them every day even if you want to. Let them rest every now and then.

Create your own style with Sanita Clogs

If you are in the market for beautiful, premium quality clogs, then you should check out Sanita Clogs. In Footway’s online store, we offer a great selection of Santia Clogs shoes, both traditional clogs and models that are unique and trendy. You can dress up or down your outfit with the right pair of clogs. When the weather is nice and warm in summer, clogs with high heels would look great with a skirt or a dress for a casual yet stylish look. In our range, you'll also find clogs with colourful patterns and designs, a must-have for lazy summer days.

Order your shoes and clogs from Footway

Clogs that are both trendy and comfy, is that even possible? Yes it is! At Footway, you can find the perfect Sanita Clogs shoes without having to leave your house and chase around town. Just jump online and browse our wide selection of footwear from famous and coveted brands like Sanita Clogs and many more and place your order today.

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31 results
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