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Saucony shoes – crazy about running

Saucony was founded in Pennsylvania in 1898. It’s no coincidence that this happened to be two years after the first Olympic marathon and a year after the first Boston marathon. They became known for their prolific shoe manufacture and were soon in big demand as they concentrated on producing shoes designed specifically for running. Nowadays, with several awards under their belts, they are certainly one of the top choices for serious runners and athletes. The range of Saucony shoes at Footway in includes bright and cheerful options for men and women, which are guaranteed to put a spring in your running step.

Care instructions for Saucony shoes

When you run a marathon that’s a pretty punishing time for your shoes. You need to spend a little time caring for your shoes to ensure that they last you for a long a productive running career. Always be sure to let your shoes dry out thoroughly after wearing them. If you run every day, it’s a good idea to have at least two pairs which you can wear on alternate days, allowing each pair a day to dry out properly. Another good tip is to waterproof your shoes regularly, preventing dirt and moisture from the outside from soaking into the materials.

Style tips for Saucony shoes

Wear your Saucony shoes with pride every time you run. With a top brand like Saucony on your feet, you can be sure of having the best quality and not needing to worry about your shoes letting you down. With so many other things to occupy your mind while you’re training for a marathon, it’s a relief to let your footwear drop to the bottom of the list. When it comes to colour, you can find plenty of options, from neon yellow to a cool blue. Match your shoes to your training gear, or simply pick a bright pair that will get you noticed on the road.

Saucony shoes online at Footway

At Footway, we are always impressed by runners. Whether you are the next Olympic medallist or simply love running in your spare time, you should know that we are cheering you on from our office. And that means that we would never make you wait too long for your Saucony shoes. When you send us an order, we jump straight into action to ship the shoes out to you so that you can get straight back into the training.

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43 results
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