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Selected – Casual shoes with a Scandinavian design

If you are looking for a laidback and comfortable casual shoe with a Scandinavian design, Selected has a great range of shoes, boots and sneakers. There are many stylish models to choose from in an array of colours and materials. You can find Selected shoes in Footway’s range for all occasions, both everyday wear and for when you need to look a bit more dapper. This brand creates comfortable, yet elegant shoes that are made of good quality materials. Buy a great pair of all-round shoes from Selected and you will always have a pair that matches your outfit!

Selected – Danish fashion label est 1997

The Danish fashion label was founded in 1997 and was initially only designing contemporary men’s clothes and shoes. In 2008, they also launched a collection for women and the label was divided into two sections – Selected Homme and Selected Femme. The Nordic simplistic design is always present in every collection from this brand, which also means that shoes from Selected will be as modern in five years as they are today. Selected is a widely popular brand in the Nordics as well as the rest of Europe and if you haven’t yet discovered their great footwear line, you are in for a treat!

Caring for your Selected shoes

Genuine leather and suede shoes require a bit of TLC with shoe care products a couple of times every season to maintain the great look, soft material and remove dirt and stains. Before you use your shoes for the first time, spray them with a protective spray that will repel water and dirt. Should your shoes get wet, stuff them with newspaper to soak up the moisture and let them dry in room temperature, away from any heat sources as direct heat will cause the leather and suede to crack. To freshen up your suede shoes, give them a quick brush with a special suede brush.

Selected online on Footway

Footway has one of the largest and most varied selections of footwear in the world! This means that you can find almost any shoe label that you are looking for in our online store. Selected is just one of many hundreds of brands. Not really sure how to order from us? Don’t worry – it’s as easy as pie! Click on the info button of the shoe model you are interested in to read a more detailed description, click on purchase when you have made up your mind. Follow the instructions at the checkout and voilà – your new shoes are on their way to you!

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