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Snipe – shoes for every season

The Spanish footwear brand Snipe designs and manufactures high-quality shoes for him and her. In their range, you can find solid, comfortable shoes for every season of the year. The company focuses on personal well-being as well as caring for the environment. Their goal is to find ways for their customers to enjoy life to the fullest whilst still doing their part to protect the environment. This means that choosing to buy shoes from Snipe, means that you are wearing stylish and comfortable shoes while also supporting a good cause. Help the environment and buy shoes from Snipe next time!

Snipe – environmentally friendly shoes from Spain

The Spanish footwear brand Snipe was founded in 1981 by Ernesto Segarra Tormo, who comes from several generations of shoe-makers. The initial design was around the nautical theme, but has expanded to include everyday wear for land-based terrain as well. All of the shoe models have casual, informal designs and you can see a clear love of nature, open spaces and ecology. All their shoes are made from high-quality leather and other materials and they are produced by skilled and dedicated craftsmen. At Footway, you find a great range of comfortable and stylish shoes for men and women from Snipe. Secure a pair of your own and order today!

Caring for your Snipe shoes

With suede shoes, you should always treat them with a protective spray to prevent stains and repel water before the first time you use them. If you happen to notice any stains, a suede eraser is a great remover and your shoe will look as good as new after using it. Invest in a shoe brush, specifically designed for suede shoes. Giving your shoes a quick brush-over will restore the healthy look as well as remove any built-up dirt. You could also brush your shoes in the steam from a boiling pot of water; this will also clean the suede and make them look brand new.

Snipe shoes online on Footway

If you are a returning customer to Footway, you already know how easy it is to purchase shoes from us. If this is your first time, you will be pleasantly surprised! We have one of the largest selections of footwear labels in the world so you can be sure to find shoes that will tickle your fancy. Ordering from us is as easy as pie – you just click on purchase and follow the steps. In a few days, you will be able to try on your new shoes and if you are not happy, you just return them to us.

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4 results
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