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Suecomma Bonnie – as trendy as it gets

If you are not yet familiar with the footwear label Suecomma Bonnie, you are about to be. This Korean footwear brand is taking over the world with their shoes, heels, wedges, boots, sandals and platforms. Suecomma Bonnie shoes are often featured in magazines and have recently been seen on the American fashionista and socialite, Kylie Jenner. In Footway’s online store, you find exquisite, edgy and very fashion-forward heels and boots, made in high quality leather from Italy or Spain. All heels have the hot pink sole that characterises heels from Suecomma Bonnie. Place your order today to secure your own pair from this trendy brand!

Suecomma Bonnie – conquering the world, one shoe at a time

Suecomma Bonnie was first launched in 2003 by Bonnie Lee, the first generation of shoe designers in Korea. All the brand’s shoes are handmade, using only high-quality leather from Italy or Spain to ensure that the shoes express their true beauty. Bonnie Lee only designs and crafts shoes that she would want to wear herself, and from the very start, this label has been immensely popular with celebrities and fashion icons in Korea. Now, the rest of the world has discovered Suecomma Bonnie and their shoes are often featured in fashion magazines and on the red carpet.

How to wear Suecomma Bonnie shoes

The avant-garde, almost futuristic heels from Suecomma Bonnie might not be for the faint-hearted! Walking in high heels might require a bit of practice if you are not used to it. Start by practicing at home, perhaps when you are doing chores around the house – you’ll be looking absolutely fabulous whilst doing the dishes ! But on a more serious note, the heels and boots from Suecomma Bonnie in Footway’s selection are better suited for parties and other festive events. Wear them with a little black dress, skinny pants or a knee-long pencil skirt to a party, art gallery opening, a special date or even the red carpet.

Suecomma Bonnie shoes online on Footway

If you want to add the ultimate party shoe to your wardrobe, order a pair of heels or boots from Suecomma Bonnie today! You find this fabulous Korean footwear label in Footway’s online store along with many (and we mean many!) other popular, coveted and fashionable footwear brands. Competitive prices, fast deliveries and the enormous selection are all excellent reasons for you to purchase your shoes from Footway instead of hitting the shopping mall. Welcome to Footway for limitless shoe shopping!

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5 results
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