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Superfit shoes to keep your children’s feet in good health

The Superfit company is committed to the healthy development of children’s feet, and provides shoes that are based on orthopaedic expertise and developed together with paediatricians. The design facility is based in Austria, where the mountain scenery contributes to an innovative atmosphere and helps the specialists find new combinations of colour, shape, and detail to create exciting shoes to please children. The range of Superfit shoes offered at Footway includes everything from boots and sandals to trainers. Even the most exacting child cannot help but be happy with the selection on offer.

Care instructions for Superfit shoes

Although children grow out of shoes quickly, hard use can cause the shoes to wear out even sooner unless you put the occasional effort into caring for the shoes. Wipe down the shoes occasionally to remove mud and dirt. You can machine wash fabric shoes but not leather models. A waterproofing agent can be an invaluable aid in helping to repel both moisture and dirt from the shoes. Always let the shoes dry naturally to prevent damage to the materials. If you find yourself having to frequently wash the shoes it may be wise to invest in a second pair so that there is always a dry pair of shoes available for little feet.

Style tips for Superfit shoes

As shoe shopping online is far more convenient than in physical stores, why not let your child browse with you. Not only will they become absorbed in the selection of colourful and engaging shoes, but they will also be involved in the choosing of their new shoes and will therefore feel pride in ownership when the shoes arrive. When it comes to the choice of colour, let your child’s sense of fun be the guide. However if you are choosing alone, why not match to your children’s favourite clothes or go for a colour you know they like.

Superfit shoes online at Footway

The Footway concept is that you should have as wide a range as possible to choose from when making your decision about new shoes. However, if the selection seems too large, there are always filters available to help you narrow down your choice. Once you and your son or daughter have finished choosing their new Superfit shoes, you will find it very easy to place an order. Our fast delivery will let your child begin enjoying their new shoes within a very short time.

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610 results
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