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Roxy shoes – amazing creations for women and girls

Roxy is a subsidiary brand of the Quiksilver group and shares many of the same values. These mutual standards are clear to see when it comes to the quality, style and unique feel of these shoes. There are shoes for various occasions, but especially for the outdoors, whether it’s those summer days on the beach or autumn hikes through the falling leaves. Roxy shoes allow you to feel dressed for the situation while still expressing your own sense of style and colour. You can find gorgeous designs to match whatever outfit you have in mind.

Care tips for Roxy shoes

When it comes to looking after your shoes, it couldn’t be simpler. You can start out right by waterproofing your shoes before the very first time you wear them. We recommend this even for fair-weather shoes, as the extra protection can help shield the shoes from dirt as well as moisture. Use a spray or wipe-on formula and re-apply regularly throughout the life of the shoes. The rest of the time, keep your shoes clean by wiping them down after your outdoor hikes, and always allow shoes to dry thoroughly after wearing them.

Style tips for Roxy shoes

Roxy expresses a joy in life and a sense of fun in the outdoors. Although many of the colours are inspired by natural shades, there are also other hues that you wouldn’t find outside of an exotic flower store. Whether you are an all-natural girl or a social butterfly who loves to stand out, you can match your Roxy shoes to your mood. If you’re planning a holiday, there is no better brand to find those all-important flip-flops or slightly more formal sandals. You can also find warm boots for the winter or spring. It’s hard to dread the colder seasons when there is such fun footwear to go with them.

Roxy shoes online at Footway

Whether you have gone for a tiny pair of summer sandals or the bulkiest pair of boots on offer, we promise to ship all orders with equal speed. You can rely on our shoe-loving staff to know exactly where your chosen shoes are located in our warehouse, and we send them to you with our best wishes for a long and happy relationship. With our huge online selection, you can be sure of finding your new favourite shoes among our collection, and we are waiting to help you with any problems or questions.

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27 results
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