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The North Face shoes – for climbing life’s mountains

The North face of a mountain is usually the coldest side, subject to harsh conditions and the worst of weather. This famous brand chose the name to symbolise the worst that a hiker or explorer can face during the challenge of climbing a mountain. The symbol acts as a badge of honour on the clothing and footwear that you wear during your struggle to the top. It is ironic that the brand started out in an area known for its beaches, being founded in 1966 by two hikers in the San Francisco North Beach area. The shoes in this fantastic range can almost speak for themselves and we invite you to browse the range for all your mountaineering needs.

How to look after The North Face shoes

Your shoes will stay in good condition for a lot longer if you waterproof them regularly. You can use a spray or wipe-on formula which is available in any shoe shop or online here at Footway. Always clean your shoes or boots after hiking in poor conditions and re-waterproof them as needed. Another important aspect is to always let your shoes dry out thoroughly after walking in any conditions. Sweat and moisture can play havoc with the materials if it is allowed to remain, so you should leave the shoes in the open air for a while to allow it to evaporate.

Style tips for The North Face shoes

The North Face is not only one of the most well-respected mountaineering footwear brands on the market, but also offers a lot of options when it comes to hiking shoes, boots and trainers. Your hiking cred will be enhanced exponentially by the addition of a North Face logo somewhere in your gear, and where better than your footwear? You will experience the difference of North Face shoes after just a short while of walking in them. Comfort and style, with superior quality and design. There is truly nothing lacking in this brand.

The North Face shoes online at Footway

The shelves of our stockroom are groaning with the weight of those hundreds of pairs of shoes. We are waiting with baited breath to receive your order so that we can fetch the correct pair and send them to you in double-quick time. Our fast delivery rates are one of the great advantages of shopping with Footway. Simple shopping and great service. What could be better?

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95 results
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