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Vans shoes for skaters and urbanites everywhere

The Vans brand is based in California and has strong associations with skater, snowboarding and mountain biking sports and culture. When you browse through the shoes it is clear that they would fit in among the coolest contexts when worn as part of the studied casual skater look, or even just paired with normal urban everyday wear. Footway offers over 300 models among the Vans range. Most shoes feature the characteristic curve logo along the side that marks the shoes out as belonging to one of the coolest brands around.

Care instructions for Vans shoes

Since most Vans shoes are in the form or trainers or sneakers, the care instructions are fairly simple. Wipe the shoes clean of dust and dirt with a damp cloth. Use of a waterproofing agent before the first use and periodically thereafter can be helpful in repelling dirt from the surface. You should also be sure to let your shoes dry naturally after washing or wearing them so that sweat and moisture can evaporate. Other than that, it only remains to enjoy wearing the shoes - even if you don’t wish to take part in the activities that go along with the Vans culture.

Style tips for Vans shoes

Vans have a very wide range of patterns and colour combinations. The distinctive logo is often picked out in a contrasting colour along the side of the shoe. You can wear the shoes as part of a complete skater style outfit, or simply match them with your usual style. They are versatile enough to work well in many contexts, for example with jeans, with shorts or for girls under a skirt with or without tights. One good tip is to match your shoes with an accessory such as a watch, a scarf or some detail on the rest of your clothes.

Vans shoes online at Footway

The Vans brand is a big seller so we send out hundreds of pairs per year. However, this does not mean that we have become slapdash in our handling. We are far too committed to our love of shoes for that! Each pair is packaged as carefully as the very first pair we ever sent out. We ship at high speed, so once you have placed your order, we will spring into action to get the shoes sent out to you.

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302 results
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